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Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Cluster Rocket Launch Cape Cod (2011-08-16)
Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Maxi Alpha 3 Model E Motor Cluster Rocket Launch on Cape Cod over the old Sea View Playland in Dennisport Ma and a miraculous safe landing. Rocket is ... [View]
On-Board Little Dog (Dual-Deploy) Rocket - Flight 3 (2011-08-03)
On-board my dual-deploy rocket at Tripoli Central California on July 16, 2011. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Little Dog" fiberglass with Telemetrum avionics flying on an ... [View]
GoPro HD Rocket Launch (2011-01-02)
Launched GoPro HD on Estes Renegade-D Rocket with D12-5 Booster Engine without housing. 1st part is a iphone view and second is POV of the GoPro on the rocket. [View]
Model Rocket Launch (2013-07-05)
Set the GoPro up next to the launch pad and filmed the launch on the 4th of July. [View]
Aerial Video Of A Model Rocket Launch From a Quadcopter (2014-08-12)
Aerial video of a model rocket launch taken with a GoPro Hero 3+ from a Blade 350 QX Quadcopter. Flight took place on August 10, 2014 at Launch Crue's (NAR Section 519) August meeting, banquet, and ... [View]
ALPHA Rocket 3 Launch (with On Board camera) (2019-08-24)
ALPHA III Rocket Starter Kit C6-5 Rocket Motor Velcro On Micro Camera Model Rocket Drone Cam Parachute GoPro SQ11 Mini DV Camera [View]
Epic Rocket Launches-Model Rockets GoPro (2016-12-01)
Rocket Launches filmed with Go Pro and Sony DSLR. Epic rocket launches! Launch your first rocket Rocket Launches in Science Class Rocketry! [View]
Estes Yankee (BETA, 1982) and Estes Hyper-X (1997) Model Rockets with a special flyover! (2020-08-12)
GoPro 7 Black on Drone Yankee on a B6-4. Improvments will be to add a very bright and long streamer with the parachute. Hyper-X on a C6-5. This rocket only needs a C6-3 or C5-3, shorter delay. It ... [View]
Falcon 9 First Launch and Parachute Failure (Model Kit) (2018-04-22)
First launch Falcon 9 and Fairing Model Kit with D12-5 rocket engine. Camera: - Gopro Hero 5 Black - Iphone 5C - DJI Mavic Pro - Mate 808 HD 1080p #18 Music: David BOWIE - Starman [View]
Gopro hero 3+ Estes Rocket Hi-Flyer XL SLOW-MO (2014-09-05)
Shot using a gopro hero3 black (main view), gopro hero 3+silver (middle center) and an Emerson action cam (lower right) [View]
GoPro Hero 8: Model Rocket Launch (2020-06-05)
A little fun during quarantine after #SpaceX and #NASA sent the Dragon Crew astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into space on the Falcon 9 Rocket for the first American's launched into space on ... [View]
GoPro HERO4 Session Model Rocket Launch (2016-03-13)
A hand-built model rocket with an on-board GoPro HERO4 Session and Arduino controlled accelerometer. This rocket reached around 1700 feet, with a max velocity of around 300 mph. Motor: Cesaroni ... [View]
GoPro On A Homemade Rocket Part 2 (2014-12-23)
This is part two of my quest to launch GoPro cameras on homemade rockets. Shot entirely with GoPro cameras. Cameras used: Hero HD, Hero2 and Hero3 Black. Homemade Rocket Build Time-Lapse l ... [View]
GoPro's on Model Rockets (2018-04-30)
See some HD film from Model Rockets - on-board and slow motion from 120 fps GoPros! [View]
Gove Farm Cub Scout Rocket Launch 2015 - QuadCopter Drone Video (2015-01-10)
Cub Scout Rocket Launch at Gove Farm filmed with a GoPro Hero3+ on a Blade 350qx Quad Copter. [View]
Homemade Model Rocket Launch with onboard GoPro Camera (2015-01-11)
I recently built a model rocket with the capacity to launch a GoPro 1300ft into the air. To determine what size solid fuel engine I should use, I weighed my rocket and then tripled that weight. For ... [View]
James Ranch Rockets 20171217 with Estes E9-6 CATO (2017-12-18)
Launching rockets north of Durango with the local TARC and FNL teams. The CATO was with an Estes E9-6 in a Madcow Mini Patriot. The Ventris with the GoPro had an Apogee of 1022' on an Aerotech G53. [View]
Las Vegas Rocket Launch October 2013 (2013-10-20)
All footage from GoPro/Iphone 5s. Tried something a little different. [View]
Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Camera (2020-01-09)
POV from inside the actual rocket looking outwards. Filmed with the GoPro Hero5 Session. [View]
Model rocket with GoPro Hero3 Black onboard camera (2013-03-05)
It was a nice and sunny day at Redmond 60 acres park. Camera was set to 1080p \ 60fps for first launch (attached to the rocket) and 720p \ 120fps for the second launch (not attached) with Protune ... [View]
RB's RC's: Mini Black Brant II (build and launch) with F23-7FJ motor (2019-02-16)
Very nice build and flies straight as an arrow. Build pictures and launch video with GoPro close-up footage! Check out the mini black brant II by madcow rocketry here https://www.madcowrock ... [View]
Ride of the Riptide (Model Rocket Launch) (2019-11-24)
Model rocket launch recorded with mavic air and gopro 7 [View]
Rocket on Aerotech L1000W with onboard GoPro (2014-11-26)
My HSW Rocket on and Aerotech L1000W flying to 9600ft at mach 1.0 in New Zealand. [View]
V2 Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Camera (2016-10-16)
This was our second successful launch of the V2 with a GoPro camera mounted inside the rocket. At 1:35 you can see the parachute deploying. [View]
WEMO THAT model rocket launch with WEMO Maker (2014-12-18)
One day we looked at a model rocket and asked ourselves, “Can we WEMO THAT?” So we took a road trip out to the California desert to find out and documented the results on video. WEMO ... [View]