LOC/Precision - Graduator Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 32.87 inches
Diameter: 2.63 inches
Length: 40.00 inches
Manufacturer: LOC/Precision
Model: PK-16
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1986-
Recovery: Parachute
  • LOC/Precision - Graduator {Kit} (PK-16) [1986-] By Todd Harrison

    LOC Graduator review is provided courtesy of: This rocket is a popular LOC kit for people new to composite motors. I liked the looks of the rocket and was in need for a new kit in that power range (D-G). The Graduator came promptly and packed well, however, the shipping company had still managed to kink the body tube. I contacted Barry, the new owner of LOC, and he shipped out another tube ...

  • LOC/Precision - Graduator {Kit} (PK-16) [1986-] By Mark Trotter

    (by Mark Trotter)  This is a great kit to get you into the more advanced, mid-power rocket kits, but I would still recommend getting a novice kit first. The Graduator has the great feature of through-the-wall tubing which decreases the time and effort for you. It also comes with the LOC MMA-1 motor adapter to fly it on 24mm motors. The only problem, there is no type of "motor ...

  • LOC/Precision - Graduator {Kit} (PK-16) [1986-] By John Hogan

    Brief The Graduator is an excellent rocket for those wishing to get into mid/high powered flight Construction The tubing, fins and everything were of excellent quality. The instructions were brief (few illustrations), but adequate. The preslotted tubing made fin installation straightforward, and all parts fit together nicely. I highly recommend reinforcing the fins so that they are ...

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