Rocketry Videos

By Greg Smith

3D-printed V2 on CTI 26E31 White Thunder (2015-03-22)
This is the liftoff of my first test of this rocket at three speeds - actual, 25%, and 12.5%. [View]

4" Mad Cow Fiberglass Nike Smoke on CTI K740 C-star (2011-09-14)
This was my first C-star reload and DAMN was it impressive. I had no altimeter in there but 6k-7k feet seems likely from the vid. [View]

7.5" Loc V2, CTI L935, Plaster City, May 2012 (2012-06-25)
This flight was very niiiiiice and hit 7,472' rather quickly. Perfect recovery less than 1 mile away and.... retired after about 20 overwhelmingly successful flights. [View]

Balls 21 Frenzy Massive N1975 Partial/Final (2013-01-08)
This was my first BALLS launch as well as my first N-motor thanks once again to California's arbitrary total impulse limits. The up part? Epic. The descent? Partial fail. See ... [View]

DarkStar Extreme M1230 onboard video - Roctober 2011 (2011-10-15)
This was my second flight in this rocket with a predicted altitude of 14,000'. The two altimeters averaged 13,920' and GPS reported 14,343'. GPS data trumps altimeter data so good times. This was a ... [View]

DarkStar Extreme on L851 onboard vid at Plaster City, CA, June 2012 (2012-12-31)
I successfully flew this trusty fiberglass vessel on a CTI L851 White (Pro75, 3-grain). Thanks to Mark Clauson for retrieving this for me because I was semi-exhausted 1/4 of the way walking in the ... [View]

Lucerne Dry Lake, CA - 2/14/15 - CTI M3700 in Darkstar Extreme (2015-02-16)
This flight represented my highest average thrust yet (831 lbf) and I could not have been happier with the weather, flight, or recovery! [View]

PB2k13 M2245 (2013-11-10)
DS Extreme - CTI M2245 Imax at Plaster Blaster 2013. That's 33.5 lbs to 19,500' at 1.7x the speed of sound. It remains rocket science. [View]

Plaster City January '12 (2012-04-04)
Super Raven on J244 White and DarkStar Lite on H159 Green^3 [View]

Rocstock 2013 - CTI M2045 Blue Streak to 16,200' AGL (2013-10-26)
This was a beautiful flight on a stunning day with amazing company. The only thing I could have asked for was to see the pressure-up and liftoff but... oh well one can't have everything. [View]

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