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2012 3-3 FAR Activities: Sugar motors, Recovery ejection test and a CATO (2012-03-05)
Paul Avery static tested three 38mm single use sugar motors, all successful. Hal Duffy did the first test of the drogue chute piston ejection as part of the recovery system being designed for the ... [View]
2010-10-22, "Flying Colors" ejection charge ground test. (2010-10-22)
Ground test of the recovery system deployment by a 1 gram FFFF black powder ejection charge. [View]
DarkStar Extreme Ground test 1 (2010-10-27)
Ground test of recovery system for L3 cert launch. [View]
Drogue Deployment Ground Test (2012-03-20)
Level two project drogue deployment ground test. [View]
L3L Main chute ground test (2011-10-08)
Main chute charge ground test [View]
PML MATRIX Ejection Charge Test - 1.25 grams FFFF Black Powder (2010-06-01)
This is the 4th and final recovery component ground test of my newly completed PML MATRIX rocket prior to my NAR Level 1 attempt. It was determined that 1.25 grams of GOEX 4F black powder was ... [View]
High Power Rocket Main & Drogue Deploy Test (2019-06-03)
Ground test of a stretched LOC IV kit mash-up into a dual deploy high power rocket main & drogue deployment charges using - in this test - a Missileworks RRC2-Mini and shop vac. [View]
High-Power Rocket Ejection Ground Test (2010-08-10)
This is my level-1 high-power certification rocket. I'm hoping everything will go smoothly on launch day, so it's a good thing I did the ground testing. I found out that 2 grams of bp was a bit much ... [View]
Madcow Rocketry Mini Frenzy Charge Testing (2017-04-23)
Testing the separation charges for going dual deploy with my Madcow Mini Frenzy. I figured the avbay on this was too small to hook my shop vac up to, so I simply ran the e-match wires out and ... [View]
Polecat Black Brant III Main Charge Testing RRC3 (2017-04-04)
I came home from my trip to find the grass had grown quite a bit. Perfect opportunity to test the main parachute charge on the Polecat Black Brant III before mowing the lawn. 1.3G of 4F black power ... [View]