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Black Double Ds - Expediter and Phobos (2011-05-29)

Experimental High power rocket launch.

Flash Rocketry Club December Launch Compilation (2011-06-30)

this vodeo is a compilation of video, pics, and onboard video from our clubs december launch.

Going-Postal-J350-Danny-HD.wmv (2011-08-28)
level 2 certification flight (2011-06-25)

my lvl 2 cert flight. its a scratch build tubefin rocket. its 6'6" tall and 3.25" dia. it flew on a aerotech J350 white lightning. everything went perfect and got my lvl 2

PML Matrix on a J550 (2011-07-13)

Onboard video of a PML Matrix flying on a Gorilla Rocket Motors 54/1050 case with experimental propellant. Tje rocket went to 5200 ft.

Red Solo Cup Rocket (2012-04-17)

Red Solo Cup Rocket. I call it the Nike Solo.

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