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2018-01-13 Snow Ranch Flight 1 (2018-05-22)
On board video from scratch built Max Q at Snow Ranch January 13, 2018. Aerotech H115DM, 1524 ft. apogee (Jolly Logic altimeter 3). Chute release at 300 ft. [View]
Estes 29mm Big Daddy Rocket Launch, NAR L1 certification (2016-05-18)
Travelled from Toronto to fly at the Rocketry Organization of California launch at Lucerne Dry Lake on May 14, 2016. A great club and many thanks to the ROC members who helped with my L1 cert. ... [View]
High Power Rocket - Modified LOC Vulcanite with Aerotech H115DM - Tripoli Level 1 Certification (2020-08-03)
Successful Tripoli Level 1 HPR cert at FAR (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) out in the Mojave Desert by Koehn Dry Lake bed. Special thanks to Rick Maschek, Eric Beckner and Mark Holthaus and everybody ... [View]