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Arreaux on CTI H123 Skidmark (Pro29 4 grain casing) (2010-01-04)
This is one of the first rocket vids I've seen with my Flip MinoHD camcorder and El Bee did a fine job! This is my Aerotech Arreaux on a Cesaroni H123 Skikmark motors. Scandalous combination I know! [View]
Yellow Crayon Rocket on Cesaroni H123 Skidmark Motor - CRMRC (2010-06-14)
This is my Crayola Crayon bank converted to a high power rocket. The nearly invisible fins are made of unbreakable Lexan. Motor is a 29mm Cesaroni H123 Skidmark. Motor mount is 38mm with a reducer ... [View]
Rocket Fight 13 of Happy Ending 2 at MDRA Red Glare 14 Higgs Farm in Price Maryland 04-13-13 (2013-04-15)
Flew a stretched version of my Formula54. It was heavy at 4.4 lbs. Used a CTI H123 to test but should have used an I. Went about 1200'. Video, Raven3 and a XBee Pro GPS system. [View]
Bomarc Model Rocket Launch (2015-09-07)
Bomarc model rocket launch on an H123-Skidmark. Rocket build by Steve Riegel. [View]
North Coast Rocketry BOMARC on CTI 176H123 "Skidmark" (2019-01-13)
First launch of my NCR BOMARC at the Radical Rocketeers launch Saturday, 12 January, 2019. [View]
PML Ariel, 2-10-19 at MDRA (2019-02-12)
PML Ariel on an Cesaroni H123-8 SK at MDRA, 2-10-19. Chute Release at 500'. Good flight. [View]