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 Rocketry Product: CTI - 247H143-13A Reload for Pro38-2G {Motor}

Rocket flies High Power on an impressive Smokey Sam motor (2009-10-16)
Steve's rocket had a nice vertical trajectory during the 2009 Oktoberfest at Northern Colorado Rocketry ( He flew his rocket on a Cesaroni "H 143." The engine had an exaust of black ... [View]
Ariel High Power Rocket Launch H143SS (2006-11-06)
Bonfire Night launch of our PML Ariel HPR on a 2 grain 247H143SS-13A with the delay cut to 8 seconds on a very calm sunny day, apogee reached 1582', total flight time 62 seconds. [View]
Enter Sandman Rocket Launch (2020-05-06)
Rocket is named Enter Sandman. MadCow DX3 rocket kit. Modified for dual deploy with Apogee Rockets 4" electronics bay in the middle running custom telemetry and flight recording. This was flight ... [View]
JERICHO On Board Flight Camera CTI-H143 (2019-11-03)
My L1 Rocket flies again! This time with onboard GPS and Flight Computer and it now has an onboard camera! (Please Ignore the date stamp) I Launched a CTI H143 with electronic deploy at nose over. I ... [View]