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Launch of "Blue Phenix" rocket with Aerotech H 148 RM rocket motor on MIR 2010 (2010-09-14)
"MIR 2010" in Italy, 10.07.2010., "Blue Phenix" rocket, L=165cm, D=75mm, m=1700g, Aerotech RMS H 148 R-M motor, total impulse 220Ns, apogee = 600m [View]
High Power Rocket Flight w/ Aerotech Redline Motor @ MDRA 09-16-12 (2012-09-17)
Aerotech H148R in a 36oz, scratch-built 2.6" dia. rocket. Dual-Deploy recovery with motor backup at apogee - went 2676 ft. [View]
Wildman Darkstar Jr (2016-08-21)
Kevin Thomson's flight with a Wildman Darkstar JR at CRMRC on an Aerotech H148R at CRMRC on 8/20/2016. This was a failed NAR L1 certification attempt. The chute jammed in the body tube and failed to ... [View]