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4CRA September Rockets with High Power Shred 20170902 (2017-09-03)
4 Corners Rocketry Association September flights. First rocket was a Markarian 231 on an Aerotech 1500 Mojave Green that successfully flew to 16000' and landed close to the launch site. The second ... [View]
Custom two-stage high power rocket (2019-07-21)
Misfit Flats, Stagecoach, NV. Custom two-stage rocket - 54mm airframe, 38mm Aerotech 38/600 RMS I435 in the booster to 29mm Aerotech DMS H195 in the sustainer. Booster altitude was 2,722' AGL, ... [View]
Estes Javelin 2.5" upscale launch on Aerotech H195 (2017-05-29)
This was the maiden flight of my scratch built 2.5"(6.3cm) diameter upscale of an out of production Estes Javelin #2005 model rocket kit from 1989. This was launched on an Aerotech H195NBT with ... [View]
Nike Apache 2 stage fail (2019-05-28)
Mad Cow Nike Apache two stage rocket fails to light sustainer. Booster Motor was Aetotech J500 and with H195 DMS in sustainer. After separation, the booster coasted to 1700' before deploying a main ... [View]