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NYPower Aerotech Mustang Launch (2011-07-25)
A small Aerotech Mustang fitted with a Cesaroni H-87 engine with a 9-sec. delay. Estimated altitude according to is 3,051 feet although it may have gone a little higher because the ... [View]
Estes Argent Level 1 Flight (2016-05-16)
NAR Level 1 Certification Flight/Camden, SC/ ROSCO club. Estes Argent flying on a CTI H87 IMAX motor, Chute Release at 400 feet. Estes Altimeter recorded 2340 foot apogee. [View]
Scratch V Stage 1-H87 Imax (2020-08-08)
The Scratch V Stage 1 flying on an H87 Imax at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]