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Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 7, Canopy Continued


After flexing the scored line back and forth it should crack on the cut. If it doesn't easily crack, go back and lightly score the line again. Don't pull or tear the sides off, score and crack! The edges could be a bit rough, especially around the front and rear. Notice the pen lines are still there, they will be removed in the next step. Wrap some 220 grit around the BT-60 tube. Sand the bottom ... [More]

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 8, White Paint and a Fix TIP


This is an easy one to paint, it's all gloss white. After one coat I sanded down any rough fillets and glue blobs. To keep paint out of the front end of the tube a wrap of masking tape went on the inside end. The nose cone was painted separately because the Rusto 2X seems to take much longer to dry on plastic. To hold the nose cone, masking tape was set down on one edge of some copy paper. This ... [More]


Two New Saturn V Kits - Achhhh!


Why two kits? I wanted to have them on hand just in case somebody wants one built. I have built a few for customers in the past. The package lists the kit as a Skill Level 4. This should be a Skill Level 5 kit. Getting the vacuform wraps and fin fairings right should qualify it for a 5. The painting masks are very time consuming. The last Saturn V kit I built had an additional small white ... [More]

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 6, Canopy


Here's how the canopy looks from the Odd'l F-16 kit. You have to trim and sand the bottom to best fit the curvature of the nose cone. It's not as hard as it sounds. Along the bottom of the canopy is a edge recess. To see the line you will cut, a ballpoint pen line is drawn down the recess. Right above the pen is a squiggly line on the cardboard. The plastic is slippery and you may have to ... [More]


NEFAR Launch Bunnell, FL, April 22, 2017


I arrived around 11:00 a.m. counting 75 cars already there, more were arriving. The two-day Bunnell Half Blast is turning into a big event. On these two day launches the LPR and MPR launches are independent of each other. You can load and launch LPR without waiting for the larger rockets to fly. Surprisingly the LPR launchers weren't busy until later in the afternoon. This was the first hot day ... [More]


Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 5, Wings, Fins and Bomb Gluing


After filling the balsa parts with CWF and smooth sanding, all the parts were taped down to a scrap piece of cardboard for a good shot of primer/filler. Shoot one side, flip them over and shoot the other side. Here's a wing and small sub fin after sanding off most of the primer/filler. There's not much of it left on the surface. I don't use this as a primer but more as a filler to finish any ... [More]

Odd'l Rockets F-16 Kit Now Available!


Well it's about time! This one took a while . . . Too many prototypes, some trashed canopies, design revisions and lots of test flights. Jon Rocket will have them today (Saturday), Apogee will have kits in a few days. Thanks for your patience, I think this one is worth the wait! [More]


Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 4, Details


On most short Goonys you recess the engine mount to move the C/G forward. The mount was pressed in until the low bend on the engine hook was even with the bottom of the BT-60 tube. Here I'm applying and smoothing the rear fillet with a Q-tip. Both inside ends of the main airframe tube got a wipe of CA glue to strengthen and seal the edge. The Goony launch lug "missiles" are wider than the Odd'l ... [More]

Finished Estes Patriot on Ebay


I've listed a finished Estes PATRIOT on Ebay. To see it and make a bid, CLICK HERE Lots of upgrades on this one: D engine mount Clean build, no balsa grain or body tube spirals Replaceable Kevlar through rear of the engine mount Yellow tube area is a payload section Nose cone is tethered, it will stay with the rocket at ejection. No stick on decals, black trim is vinyl with custom water slide ... [More]


Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 3, Engine Mount - TIP


Boy, I really need to buy some 20/60 rings! This isn't the first time I've had to make my own. TIP: The next time you are at a framing store, ask if they have any scrap mat material. It's perfect for centering rings or fiber fins. It's thicker than the centering ring material you'd find in a kit. You should be able to buy some very cheap. I'm tracing around the BT-60 main body tube with a ... [More]

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