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Estes Puma #7256 Build, Part 13, Decals and Engine Pod Gluing


There is white ink on the decals but it is pretty much invisible until you slide it off the backing paper. TIP: Before cutting out the decals, hold it up to a bright light to see where the white it is. Those dashed black lines are very close to the white ink. The front winglets get mirrored black decals. After all the decals were applied the engine pods were glued in place. This was a tip picked ... [More]

Der Red (Orange) Max?


On TRF, Overeasy123 posts pictures of three beautifully finished Mini Red Max models. I like the different colors, especially the orange. Orange was the (sort of) suggested color on the original Red Max. Read Step 11. Why orange paint on a model named the Red Max? In the end it's always your choice. For the original instructions: CLICK HERE It could have been orange in the first Citation ... [More]


Estes Puma #7256 Build, Part 11, Touch-Up


Before painting I cleaned up a touch-up brush in a drop of dish soap and water in my palm. A little bit of grey came off. Good thing it was removed here and not transferred onto the model. Paint was sprayed in a baggie pressed in a mixing cup. spray enough until you get a puddle of paint in the cup. This touch-up went well. You'd really have to look close to see it. The Rusto 2X paint have their ... [More]

Estes Puma #7256 Build, Part 12, Nose Cone Mask


This is actually a picture from the second time I had to mask the nose cone canopy. A 1/8" wide strip of marked Scotch tape was set around the edges. Start the strip in the mid point at the side of the curve, It would be very hard to start at the small front tip or back end curves. Masking tape went above that and was closed along the top. Here's the first mask. The right side was fine - The ... [More]


My First NARAM, 1975!


George Gassaway posted a link to the CAPCOM Newsletter from September of 1975. George is looking for a different issue of the newsletter with the plans for the Rotoroc 3. The linked issue had extensive coverage of NARAM 17, held in Orlando, Florida. Who would have ever thought I would end up living here. To see the issue: CLICK HERE At NARAM 17, I did enter in the Boost Glider, Rocket Glider, ... [More]

Estes Puma #7256 Build, Part 10, Masking Reveal


Here's the mask after the tape was pulled. Everything looked great on the back end. I've mentioned before, you can use Scotch tape to mask if your surfaces and fillets are smooth. There was a small bit of orange pulled up on the left side of the strake. On the underside of the winglet was another paint lift! Touch-ups are needed. I don't want to mask and shoot this again. That small smudge of ... [More]


Estes Puma #7256 Build, Part 9, Masking For The Orange


This is NOT an easy mask. Take a close look at the face card. I'd make a bet it was touched up in Photoshop! Notice the mask line down the vertical stab and the step down from the wing to the body tube. The inset picture shows the very small piece that went over the front tip of the strake. Scotch tape was used for the mask. Notice the square end piece to go into the step at the front of the ... [More]

5,000 Posts!


5,0 0 0 POSTS! I think I need a hobby. [More]


New Estes Kit?


From the Facebook page "Model Rocketry Fanatics", Chris Hooley posted this: "I got a new toy. It's the beta test version of the Super Big Bertha. Can't wait to fly this beast. Question - Would y'all fly this on more than an F40 with the card stock engine centering rings and the BT-80 tube? Should I throw it on the rollers and epoxy it for strength? " The fins look to be glued up lamination with ... [More]

Estes Puma #7256 Build, Part 8, Engines Paint


Two balsa pieces were cut to the width of the tab openings on the top of the wing engines. This gave me something to hold onto while spray painting. The engine mount centering rings were masked and a dowel slid in for a painting handle. I learned from another forum build by Scigs30 to paint the engines before gluing them onto the wing extensions. Instead of just black, I used Rusto Metallic ... [More]

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