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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Hi-Flier XL {Kit} (3226)

The Estes "Hi-Flier XL" rocket flight data is in after a very successful flight and rocket recovery! This video covers the performance of the rocket including speed and altitude. [View]
Estes Hi Flier XL on an "E98" motor (2013-10-07)
Flawless launch of my upscaled hi flier. My son was the camera man and I challenge anyone to record a launch as well as he did. It landed in the middle of a very busy street and I was extremely ... [View]
estes hi-flier xl model rocket first launch (2012-03-26)
This is the first lauch of my hi-flier xl. I used a d12-7 engine. Camera used was a simple keychain camera. [View]
estes Hi-Flier XL with camera (2014-01-05)
hi-flier xl with key chain camera on E9-6 on the dry lake bed near Boulder City Nv. A-G ROCKETRY [View]
Estes Hi-Flyer XL Aerotech E15-7 (2013-02-08)
The spudder was from not getting the igniter all the way in. [View]
Estes High Flyer XL (2019-10-02)
Estes High Flyer XL with an onboard camera flying on a E12-6 We had a youngster working the launch controls. Watch to the end for some local wildlife checking out the rocket on the ground! [View]
Estes High Flyer XL Tax Relief 2015 with on bored camera (2015-04-28)
Estes High Flyer XL with 808 keychain camera attached to the side. Launched at WAC's Tax Relief launch 19 April 2014 [View]
Gopro hero 3+ Estes Rocket Hi-Flyer XL SLOW-MO (2014-09-05)
Shot using a gopro hero3 black (main view), gopro hero 3+silver (middle center) and an Emerson action cam (lower right) [View]
Hi Flyer XL (Another Rocket Fanatic is born!) (2016-09-17)
Wait for the end of the video. This little guy got bit by the rocket bug big time. [View]
Hi-Flier XL 29mm on Aerotech F50-9T (2013-07-22)
Built and flown in just over 24 hours, named the "N.B." for this flight (Naked B***h). Name will change once it's finished. Altitude measured with AltimeterTwo at 1880ft with max speed of 530mph and ... [View]
Launch Hi-Flier XL (2017-11-24)
Launch of Garrett's Hi-Flier XL on an Estes E9-6 engine at Levels Park. Estimated altitude 950' [View]
Maus Werx Model Rocket Build of the Estes Hi Flier XL pt2. (2020-03-19)
Part two of the in-depth build of the Estes model rocket the Hi Flier XL. Tools and techniques showing how to build model rockets for adult modelers. [View]
Model Rocket Launches include Mean Machine, Odyssey, Hi-Flier XL and more (2020-06-01)
In this video we launch the following Estes model rockets, in order: Mean Machine; U.S. Army Patriot M-104; Odyssey; Dragonite; Hi-Flier XL; Crossfire ISX; Star Trooper; Baby Bertha (2 different ... [View]