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High Power Rocket Onboard Video- Some Awesome Vidcaps- and Cow Poo- January 21, 2012

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Published:2012-01-23 13:49:47

Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 4.5, which is my L1 certification rocket, was rebuilt to accomodate 38mm motors and full dual deploy via a Perfectflite altimeter. Used an I-245 Aerotech Mojave Green motor for this flight. Windy day but the rocket flew straight and performed perfectly. Camcorder section and rocket section separated as planned at main chute deployment. Lots of buffeting and rocking as the rocket came down under drogue chute before separation. Note one vidcap where the smoke from the main chute ejection charge is still lingering inside the main chute tube- it's the vidcap with the purple/blue chute in the foreground. Lots of cows and cow poo around during this launch- see one of the vidcaps with my foot as a reference as to the size of the cow pie.

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