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Honest John - Red Glare 7 (2009-12-05)
Honest John flying on three (3) Aerotech M1315W's, with four (4) Aerotech G80T's in the nose for "Spin Stabilizers". This video was taken by MDRA member Peter Abresch, one of my flying friends. TURN ... [View]
Honest John CATO (2011-09-11)
Freedom Launch - Brent's Honest John cato. [View]
Entry - Honest John Launch by Paul B. (2020-06-26)
Flight of Firsts Video Contest Entry 🚀🚀🚀 Onboard video camera shows the rocket was under ejection stresses greater than the shock cord and parachute could handle. Any guesses on what ... [View]
Estes Honest John (2018-09-22)
C11-3 Honest John launch Estes model rocket. [View]
Estes Rockets - Mini Red Max, Yankee, Mini Honest John, Sizzler, Flip Flyer, AstroCam!! (2020-07-31)
After a couple of days of the Astrocam in the tree, it has returned to Earth. Bamboo Pole wins, tree loses, yet again. However, the rocket body came down first, then parts of the nose cone fell out, ... [View]
High Power Rocketry - Tripoli Wisconsin Association June 1, 2019 (2019-06-03)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association's June 2019 high power rocket launch and a tribute the our nation's veterans with a special Honest John scale project Flying on a Aerotech M1939. [View]
Honest John Launch (2020-06-14)
Estes Honest John on a E12-4 Go to Vote for Honest John CRASH!!!!!! [View]
Micro Orange Machine, Estes Lynx, Nike-x, Vortico, Flutter-by, MHJ, Twin Factor, XAM, and Red Nova (2020-07-16)
The trade winds are dying down this week so shot the four new rockets I've built. Friday should be favorable and plan to launch the new C5-3 engines I obtained. Another change was the new launch ... [View]
NAR Level 1 High-power certification flight (Natsuha, Honest John) (2016-03-22)
Natsuha Omori with the Honest John rocket with Carnegie Mellon Rocket Command on March 21, 2016. [View]
Piedmont Area Rocket Club Honest John M2100 (2020-08-07)
Cool Flight of Piedmont Area Rocket Club Honest John on a M-2100 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]