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By HotrodRocket1

Box-o-parts Contest Rocket by Hotrod Lincoln (2008-07-06)
Box-o-parts Contest Rocket by Hotrod Lincoln. You get a random box of leftover parts and must build a rocket. Great fun! This is my entry. Launched on a cluster of Three C11-3s and Three A10-PTs. ... [View]

CMASS Launch 04-30-2011 (2011-05-13)
Raw video Cmass launch April 30, 2011 Katan Soyuz at the end. [View]

CMASS Launch 4-24-10 various rockets. (2010-04-26)
Jsut some bits and pices of launch. Later in the day. Let me know if I got your rocket. The sun messes with the camera on the high power pad? Sorry... [View]

CMASS ROCKET LAUNCH 10.2.10 (2010-10-11)
Various launches Oct. 2. 2010 [View]

CMASS Saucers Over Cmass! Part One (2009-10-29)
Saucers Over CMASS October 25th launch. PartOne [View]

DISCOVERY Modular Model Rocket Kit (2009-03-02) (NEW)
DISCOVERY Modular Model Rocket Kit The "Modular Rocket" concept from HotRod Rockets. Easily change your Fins between flights. Uses Fin Units attached to a central rocket core. Great for School ... [View]

LDRS 28 (2009-10-22)
LDRS 28 Potter, Ny July 2009 Various Rockets as I rambeled around. Part One [View]

NITRO-X Beta Tester Video Hotrod Rockets (2008-07-13)
NITRO-X Beta Tester Video Very pretty Rocket [View]

Psyco-X project: Rail test (2010-07-29) (DELETED)
Psyco-X project: Rail test. Testing the launch rail and the attachment "T" that will be used to hold and stabilize the Parasite rockets to the mother ship. [View]

Saucer of Doom! LDRS28 (2009-10-18)
Saucer of Doom! LDRS28 On a SKID! Not My rocket but very cool! LDRS 28 Potter, Ny........ July 2009 More LDRS28 videos on the way. [View]

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