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Aerotech Initiator F52 Onboard (2012-03-24)
The third flight of Joey's Initiator. It flew on an F52 at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th 2012. It suffered no damage and will be able to fly again soon. [View]

Estes Rocket Engine Static Tests (2010-12-05) (NEW)
Rocket engines against aluminum, zinc, lead, copper, and wood. [View]

Hammered - Flight 3 - H128 (2012-09-16)
The third flight of my (now-named) scratchbuild, Hammered! It flew on an H128-M (with the delay drilled) to about 1500' on Sunday September 16th, at MMMSClub in Berwick. [View]

Household Rocketry Promo (2012-11-20) (NEW)
This is the new promo for our channel, and for model rocketry in general. Show everyone you know! (Most of the rockets are our own except for the last two clips, which were taken by us of the MIT ... [View]

LOC Onyx F24 Onboard (2012-04-09)
David's Onyx flies on yet another F24! This time it is at MMMSClub in Berwick on April 7th, 2012. The flight was perfect, but the delay was just a bit too long. [View]

LOC Onyx F39 Onboard Video (2012-03-24)
The 7th flight of David's Onyx. The rocket flew on a F39 at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th, 2012. We used too small of a parachute, so one of the surface-mounted fins detached. It will be epoxied ... [View]

MIT USLI Rocket (2012-04-09)
The MIT USLI rocket flies on a CTI L1395 on April 7th, 2012 at MMMSClub in Berwick. Not our best video due to the digital zoom, but the sound is awesome! [View]

MMMSClub July 7th M Engine (2012-07-08)
This was the M engine flight that happened 7-7-12 in Berwick. The rocket landed very far away in the woods somewhere. I hope it is recovered! I think the engine was an M1350. [View]

Onboard LOC Oynx Aerotech E23 (2011-10-23)
We flew our LOC Oynx on an E23 at CMASS on October 22. [View]

Onboard video of the Discovery Rocket on an F40-7W (2011-05-01)
An onboard video of my Madcow Discovery on an Aerotech F40 reload. The timestamp says 2008, it is actually from April 2011. It flew at CMASS to about 1000 feet, with a max speed of over 200 miles ... [View]

Onyx - Flight 11 - F39 (2012-09-16)
David flew his LOC Onyx on an Aerotech F39 on Sunday September 16th, at MMMSClub in Berwick. [View]

Skypunch First Flight Jr. L1 H128 (2012-04-08)
Andrew got his Jr. L1 certification on April 7th, 2012. He flew his scratch-built Skypunch on an Aerotech H128 engine. The estimated apogee was about 1450', and even with some pretty fierce winds ... [View]

Two Ton First Flight Onboard (2012-03-24)
The first flight of our scratchbuilt rocket called Two Ton. It flew at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th 2012 with a G76-4. The flight was perfect, apart from some small cracks in the fin that it ... [View]

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