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Charger Rocket Works 2009-2010: HARA Launch 09/05/2009, 1/2 (2009-09-10)
The first launch event for 2009-2010 Team of UAHuntsville Charger Rocket Works (NASA USLI). 2 of us got NAR Level 2 certification! : ) [View]
HyperTEK M960 Certification Flight (2012-03-23)
More legacy video; this was my first attempt at TRA Level III, and one of the last times that I ever flre commercial model rocket hybrids... Have a look see. The event was Souther Thunder 2005 [View]
Kevin Cornelius Gizmax K700BB 2x G61W (2008-07-14)
Kevin Cornelius' upscaled Gizmo on an AMW K700BB airstarting 2x G61W. July 12, 2008 HARA. [View]
Fullscale Flight 3 K1000T Slow Motion Liftoff (2016-04-23)
The launch of Ursa Major's third flight. This one was at Huntsville, AL [View]