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DRRA FttS 1 - SLS Explorer lancering gezien vanaf de raket (2011-06-26)

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RocketCam 2010-07-07 Custom Rockets Redliner with (very crude) 808 keychain spycam attached (2011-07-13)

First try at launching a model rocket. Rocket is a Redliner by Custom Rockets with a B4-4 engine. The camera is a keychain spycam stripped from its casing. The camera was attached to the rocket very crudely (just taped to the body tube) and the weight of the camera compared to the rocket was a little high (10g for cam, while rocket only is about 38g). Tumbling is also due to this hack. Next time: a heavier rocket and a better camera mount. The clip is split up into two parts - first real-time, second is 1/8th of actual speed. Launch location: Amby, Maastricht - Netherlands

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