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Caribou Coffee Rocket (2009-10-11)
Build, Display, and Launch the LOC HyperLoc 835 [View]
Hyperloc 835 flying at TCC's Dairy Aire (2011-05-22)
My Hyperloc 835 flying at TCC's Dairy Aire in Fresno yesterday. My biggest (by volume) and heaviest (6lbs) rocket yet, on my largest motor yet, an I218 Redline. It was a good flight, but it drifted ... [View]
L2 flight (2011-05-24)
HyperLoc 835 flown on a pro54 J295 classic to 5984' [View]
L2 High-Powered Rocketry Certification Flight (2018-09-09)
This is video from my L2 cert flight on 9/8/18 through Tripoli, slowed down to 30% of the original video speed. I flew a Cesaroni K820 in a HyperLOC 835 kit I built earlier this year. The rocket ... [View]