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Darkstar I211.avi (2010-01-12)
Jim Hendricksen launches his Darkstar on an I211! [View]
Quasar032710 (2010-03-28)
Flight of Mike Borman's PML Quasar with CPR on an Aerotech I211W motor at Launch Crue's March 2010 regional contest and sport launch in Holland, Indiana. The onboard altimeter reported 2307 feet as ... [View]
3x upscale Estes Orbital Transport high power rocket flight (2017-09-09)
Maiden flight of Joe Grubb's 3x upscaled Estes Orbital Transport on an Aerotech I-211. Piggyback glider remote controlled. Yes, my apologies, I missed the boost. [View]
Level 1 HPR certification flight (2019-07-21)
Successful first Level 1 High Power Rocketry flight! Tri-Cities Rocketeers' Heinen Sod Farm launch site, Pasco, WA July 20, 2019. Fusion SBR Horizon, OneBadHawk recovery harness, Fruity Chutes ... [View]