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Vanish 29 at Delamar - New I-motor High Power Rocket Record Flight (2018-06-05)
Here's my flight of my Vanish 29 at the 2018 Tripoli Vegas launch at Delamar Dry Lake, NV. It's a custom rocket flown on a CTI I224. Peak altitude was 14,762 feet with a top speed of Mach 2. The ... [View]
Vanish 29 high power rocket at Jean, NV on a CTI I224 - 14,038 ft (2017-09-17)
Here's the second flight of my Vanish 29 and the first on my new tower. Same motor as the last fight, a Cesaroni I224. This was another Tripoli I-motor record attempt, but it didn't beat my last ... [View]