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PML Patriot Rocket Launch #1 at OROC Summer Skies 2010 (2010-06-29)
A video taken from an on-board key chain camera that was flown aboard my 1/4 scale Public Missiles Limited Patriot Missile at the OROC Summer Skies event in Brothers, Oregon. This flight took place ... [View]
IMG_0067.MOV (2010-03-21)
CT Tripoli # 26 Hurley, NY Saturday launch. LOC MAGNUM on a I300 motor. Dual Deployment tested functional, Main fired at .6 seconds after MAIN due to not reaching over 750 feet. Altimeter sensed ... [View]
Minie Magg GTI I300T (2010-10-31)
The original Pocket Rocket. LOC Minie Magg in GTI Plaid on an AeroTech I300T motor reaching 390 MPH with an estimated altitude of 2600'. METRA launch 10/30/10. [View]