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High Power Level 2 Rocket w/ Onboard Video- "RETRO CINEMA 1" Almost Lands on a Herd of Cows (2012-03-19)
79" tall scratch-built Blue Tube design transitioned from 3" motor/fin tube to 2.2" main body tube back to 3" camcorder tube. Reminiscent of a rocket design Kirk Packo and I built and launched in ... [View]
Dual Deployment (2006-10-24)
This is my Koliba Komet launched on an Aerotech I435T motor and was my first attempt for dual deployment. Everything went smooth!! [View]
LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 (2011-01-27)
My LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 on Jan 22 2011. Great DD flight to almost 3200 ft. Raven altimeter said 392 mph, 27G's after download. [View]
Blue Angels Super DX3 Rocket, AeroTech I435T to 2,729' AGL (2018-04-08)
NCR 4-7-18 Launch @ Pawnee NG Dual Deploy, Main at 700' 2,729' AGL, 317 mph drogue descent 49fps, main 23 fps Missile Works RRC3 18" and 60" Spherachutes OBH Kevlar All credit to Ned LeDoux for ... [View]
Custom two-stage high power rocket (2019-07-21)
Misfit Flats, Stagecoach, NV. Custom two-stage rocket - 54mm airframe, 38mm Aerotech 38/600 RMS I435 in the booster to 29mm Aerotech DMS H195 in the sustainer. Booster altitude was 2,722' AGL, ... [View]
Madcow AGM-33 Pike on Aerotech I435T (2018-04-25)
CRMRC launch 4-22-2018. My Madcow AGM-33 Pike climbing to 2,200' on an Aerotech I435T. Jolly Logic Chute Release at 300;. [View]