Rocketry Videos

By Incredible HLQ

Heavy Lift Quadcopter Blade Lock Test #1 (2015-01-22)
In blade lift testing, we discovered damage to our test blades indicating that they were swinging back and striking parts of the rotor head when rotational speed was suddenly increased. This led to ... [View]

Incredible Heavy Lift Quadcopter (HLQ) - Engine rebuild, Aggressive Flight Controls, and Pull Tests (2016-08-22)
In this video, we test the engines after the rebuild from the blown piston. We did a minimal engine run test to ensure the rebuild went as well as we thought (which it seems to have), then moved on ... [View]

Incredible Heavy Lift Quadcopter (HLQ) Variable Pitch Flight Controls Test (2016-06-20) (DELETED)
This video details our first attempt at getting a tune on the flight controls test. The test was a success in that we gathered the data needed, and gained some experience with how HLQ behaves. ... [View]

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