Aerotech - Initiator Starter Set Launch/Starter Set

Manufacturer: Aerotech
Product Type: Launch/Starter Set
  • Aerotech Initiator Starter Set By Chris Bovia (March 7, 2014)

    Easy to build kit - especially with the online tutorials that I managed to save as I was unable to find them more recently.  Painted the rocket white with a red nosecone.  So far it works great! Components Made as per kit plans and included supplies.  Built with 5min epoxy to withstand higher impluse G flights. /h2 Kit came with everything including ...

  • Aerotech Initiator Starter Set By Bob Albright (November 13, 2010)

    Aerotech - Initiator Starter Set review is provided courtesy of: It was my 14th birthday-- my birthday present was a mid-power starter set. My dad and I headed down to the hobby shop to browse the selections. This particular shop had two choices. The NCR Phantom 4000 set and the Aerotech Initiator set. We looked at each and chose the AT Initiator, not only was it a good value, but it looked ...

  • Aerotech Initiator Starter Set By Andrew Godbold

    The recovery system on this rocket is a large yellow parachute. Although this chute is very large it can be hard to see at a great distance. The only problem with this chute is that it easily catches in trees and this was the fate of my rocket. This kit comes with one body tube without a payload section. There are also a motor mount tube, molded plastic nosecone, and 3 through the wall ...

  • Aerotech Initiator Starter Set By Bob Albright

    The Initiator is a good looking, mid powered rocket that flies on 24mm and 29mm rocket motors. The starter set comes with everything needed to build and launch the Initiator. The Initiator comes with (1) main body tube, a motor tube, 3 fins, a nose cone, a gas baffle system and recovery system. The starter set also includes a launch pad, launch controller and 2 motors. The Initiator is one ...


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