Estes - Interceptor Kit

Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: 1.30 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 26.00 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 1250
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 2008-2011,2019-
Recommended Motors: B6-2, B6-4, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 2
Status: In-Production
Style: Futuristic/Exotic
Tags: Family:Themes:Aircraft:Jets, Family:Estes:Interceptor
Weight: 3.85 ounces

Run Motor Simulations

  • Estes Interceptor By Rich DeAngelis (June 8, 2012)

    Estes re-issue of the original Interceptor. This flies using standard sized 18mm motors.  Any other description of this model would be fruitless - just take a look at the photographs showing the design of the rocket and the decals - that pretty much says it all. This is not an easy kit to build, you should have some practice gluing and finishing balsa fins before attempting ...

  • Estes Interceptor By Ed Rodrigo (December 1, 2011)

  • Estes Interceptor By Todd Mullin (July 3, 2008)

    From the year 1971 until 1980 Estes produced the original version of the Interceptor. It is considered by many to be the quintessential kit of model rocketry's "Golden Age". Many online auctions for the original sealed kits can go up to hundreds of dollars! Fortunately for those of us who are fans of the futuristic design but without a huge bankroll Estes finally re-released a new version of the ...

  • Estes Interceptor (1250) By John R. Brandon III (March 7, 2008)

    Brief: This is a single_stage futuristic "aerospace fighter" with 18" parachute recovery. Construction: The kit consists of: 33mm Estes BT-55 body tube 18mm Estes motor mount tube 2 cardstock centering rings A cardstock thrust ring A metal motor-retainer hook 2 laser-cut fin sheets to make six fins 2 large wings 2 vertical ...

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