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"Vital Signs" High-power Rocket Launch 20150912 (2015-09-16)
Launch of my Rush-themed rocket "Vital Signs" on September 12, 2015 with Tripoli Minnesota at our awesome North Branch MN sod farm field. Rocket is a modified Madcow 4" Little John with an altimeter ... [View]
L2 flight (2011-05-24)
HyperLoc 835 flown on a pro54 J295 classic to 5984' [View]
PR G3 on a CTI J295 (2012-01-11)
Onboard video from my PR G3 on a CTI J295 to 6672 feet, 1/7/2012. Drogueless descent, and now I see why my shock cord is always wound up so tight :) [View]