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 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - J315R Reload for RMS 54/852 {Motor}

EZI-65 (2010-11-27)
First flight of my EZI-65 on a J315 Redline at METRA on April 5, 2009 [View]
Burl Finkelstein's 6X upscale Astron Spaceman on an Aerotech J315. [View]
Angry Daddy! Estes Big Daddy on a 54mm J315R (2019-12-17)
It has been some time since my last rocket video and I apologize for that. My preferred video editing software decided it no longer likes my camera's file format, and has given me fits while trying ... [View]
Deuce Ground 191012 (2019-10-30)
My 54mm Deuce on Aerotech J315 Redline motors. No onboard camera this flight. [View]