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My upscale deuce (2006-12-29)
Upscale Fliskits Deuce's wild, 6 inch diameter, 2 54mm motors (J800's on this flight) [View]
Cinema X-1 High Power Rocket- Maiden Launch, Dec. 15 2012 (2012-12-16)
Launched at the Varn Ranch in Plant City FL during the monthly TTRA launch. Scratch-built rocket is seven feet tall and weighs 14 pounds loaded with an Aerotech J800 motor. Blue Tube construction ... [View]
Great time at TCC's 2019 October Skies. Breezy but pleasant fall weekend Sunny and clear at Maddox Dairy. Several rocket and food vendors. Nice crowd, no waits, usually TCC excellence in launches. 5 ... [View]
Madcow Level2 Rocket Launch, AeroTech J800T (2016-09-03)
A full 1280 N-s J800T Blue Thunder motor in an 11.5 lb fiberglass rocket. I love the separated Violet/Blue Flame some feet behind the rocket. Launch Event: TCC August 20th 2016 Launch Location: ... [View]