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Lvl 1 High Power Cert (2007-07-25)
This is my Lvl 1 High Power Cert flight. It was an LOC Minnie Magg with a Cesaroni Pro 38 H153-8. I did get the rocket back to cert. Thanks Scott Miller for the motor & thanks to all at JMRC. [View]
Jackson Michigan Model Rocket Club (2005-12-06)
Wildman Jumbo Dark Star 8" 14.5 feet tall 93 pounds loaded, flown on a Aerotech N2220. Flew to 7,200 feet and 600mph Wildman Ultimate Interceptor 6" 12 feet tall 57 pounds loaded, flown on a ... [View]
high power model Rocket Launch 2009 Level 2 (2010-01-09)
Level 2 certification flight at Jackson Model Rocketry Club. Michigan International Speedway Brooklyn MI. [View]
JMRC launch - October 09 2009 (2009-10-21)
Just a few scenes of a few rockets launched at Michigan International Speedway with the Jackson Model Rocketry Club in October, as well as the motley crew of rocketeers getting ready for a group ... [View]
JMRC Launch 13Aug11 Clustered D Engine 2-stage (2011-08-14)
Booster with D12-0 and two B4-2's, sustainer is D12-7 Scratch built rocket with on board video [View]
JMRC Launch 3 - September 2008 (2008-09-09)
Here are some scenes of Sam's and other's rockets at the Jackson Model Rocketry Club gathering 9/06/08 at Michigan International Speedway [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release for main parachute deployment. Rocket was an upgraded Estes Pro Series II kit. Mobius Actioncam with Additive Aerospace camera shroud. Stickershock23 vinyl graphics. Rocket ... [View]
Comanche 3 Model Rocket. (2013-06-09)
Justin Stotter's scratch-built upscale Comanche 3 model rocket. It flies with three stages with an F39/4 staging to a D12/3 staging to a E9/6. Flight occurred at Horning's Alfalfa Field near ... [View]
Gemini Titan (2012-06-25)
A Gemini Titan rocket flying on two B6-4 engines. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Clubs monthly launch this time at Horning's Farm Field near Manchester, MI. on June 23, 2012. [View]
Laser-X Model Rocket. (2018-06-18)
My Laser-X model rocket flying on a Aerotech F20/4 motor. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Club's launch held at Michigan International Speedway on June 16, 2018. [View]
Odd Rockets at JMRC's MIS launch (2006-12-30)
Fun with odd model rockets at the Jackson Michigan Rocket Club's launch. [View]
Patroit Rocket (2016-06-20)
A level 1 certification attempt on a Loki H144 motor. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Club's June 2016 Launch. [View]
Vertically Challenged (2014-07-24)
Tom Roland's level 3 attempt with his 'Vertically Challenged' model rocket. It flew on a Cesaroni M1670 Blue Streak. Flight occurred as part of the joint launch between South West Michigan ... [View]