Rocketry Videos

By James Carroll

Extreme Wildman 4" Rocket - K630 (2015-12-19)
4" Wildman rocket goes to 4500' on a CTI four grain 54/K630 motor. Winds about 15mph. Tripoli Tampa launch 19 Dec 2015. [View]

Extreme Wildman Rocket Launch (2016-03-22)
TTRA launch 29 Mar 16. 4" Wildman Extreme on an Aerotech K1103X. [View]

Giant Leap Vertical Assault K360 (2016-02-22)
GLR Vertical Assault on a CTI 54mm 3 grain K360 to 6000'. Clouds were a little lower than estimated from the ground, whoops. Tripoli Tampa, 20 Feb 16. [View]

Vertical Assault CTI J360 Skidmark (2015-11-21)
Giant Leap Rocketry Vertical Assault flown at Tripoli Tampa 11/21/2015. J360 Pro54 motor, Eggtimer TRS, apogee at 5000'. [View]

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