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By jasduffy

G. Harry Stine - Paying Forward (2008-03-13)
G. Harry Stine is remembered as the man who popularized model rocketry and made it a safe, educational, and fun activity pursued by millions around the world. [View]

G.Harry Stine biographical video (2008-03-11)
Biographical overview of G. Harry Stine's role in the creation of model rocketry and spacemodeling. Note that an updated version of this video is available at: [View]

Mega Der Bumper Max Flight (2014-09-06)
Here's my Estes Mega Der Red Max kit, kitbashed into a two-stage rocket with a regular Red Max sustainer. The booster flew on an Aerotech G79-4 motor, staging to an Estes B6-2 in the sustainer. ... [View]

Mega Der Pink Max flight (2013-02-02)
Campbell's Mega Der Pink Max rocket flew at the Austin Area Rocketry Group launch held at Hutto, Texas on February 2, 2013. The rocket was built from the Estes Mega Der Red Max kit and modified with ... [View]

Model Rocketry: The Space Age Hobby (2014-03-26)
Written and produced by Charles Hans, this early '60s film was commissioned by the National Association of Rocketry for recruiting and outreach. NAR founder G. Harry Stine narrates the film. This can ... [View]

NARAM 53 Saturn V flight (2011-07-27)
Here is Campbell Duffy's successful Saturn V flight at NARAM 53, held in Cincinnati in July, 2011. This flight successfully qualified Campbell for a spot on the US Junior Team that will represent ... [View]

Team America Rocketry Challenge 2013 Awards Ceremony (2013-05-16)
Here's the highlight of this year's TARC awards ceremony, the announcement of the Georgetown 4H team as this year's National Champions! Team members Matt Janecka, Daniel Kelton, and Mark Janecka will ... [View]

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