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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Javelin {Kit} (2005) [1989-1991]

Estes Javelin 2.5" upscale launch on Aerotech H195 (2017-05-29)
This was the maiden flight of my scratch built 2.5"(6.3cm) diameter upscale of an out of production Estes Javelin #2005 model rocket kit from 1989. This was launched on an Aerotech H195NBT with ... [View]
Estes JAVELIN Model Rocket Review. AMAZING Launch (2020-05-15)
In This Video I will build and launch the Estes JAVELIN Model Rocket. The Launch was amazing! PLEEEEASE SUBSCRIBE! [View]
Javelin 2.5" upscale almost breaks the sound barrier (2017-08-16)
This quick afternoon flight of my 2.5" upscale of the Estes Javelin nearly broke the sound barrier at Mach 0.9. The onboard altimeter recorded an altitude of 3,664 ft (1.1km) with a top speed of 691 ... [View]
Model rocket launch #estes rocket #javalin (2019-10-07)
Launch of estes model rocket with C6-5 engine [View]