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Jayhawk Pro Series

By Jim Hodge

Estes Jayhawk Pro Series

This is a rebuild of an old rocket I built around 1994. I carried the remnants of this rocket around for years and got to looking at it one day and decided to finish it properly.

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The late early years. (2013-06-07 01:46:08)

I bought this rocket off the shelf in 1994.  I paid $39 for it and accepted the challenge. This was the result. I have dragged this thing from town to town for 20 years in a garbage bag.  It's time for a rebuild.

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New fins. (2013-06-07 01:56:25)

Dremeled the old fins off. Built new fins from basswood and epoxied them to the wing.

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Sanding and priming. (2013-06-08 22:42:06)

A few coats of primer over the old magenta and metallic purple paint jobs of yore.

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New Paint (2013-06-08 22:50:17)

Back in the early 90's images of the real AQM-37A were hard to find so I did "my own thing" and really messed it up. This time I found pictures of the real thing from the US Navy and decided to follow their example.

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The real AQM-37A (2013-06-08 22:52:35)

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Finishing and decals. (2013-06-08 23:03:36)

Recreated a few of the decals and bought some others. I will finally throw on a dull coat.


Steve Lindeman (June 10, 2013)

Beautiful rebuild. This is another kit I wish I had bought in the day. It was also the insperation for my scratch built Ram Jam which I have thought of rebuilding yet again as it's one of my test bed rockets. But again, congrats on the rocket, it truely is a work of art.

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