Rocketry Videos

By jbwebst

High Power Rocket Flight w/ Aerotech Redline Motor @ MDRA 09-16-12 (2012-09-17)
Aerotech H148R in a 36oz, scratch-built 2.6" dia. rocket. Dual-Deploy recovery with motor backup at apogee - went 2676 ft. [View]

High Power Rocket Spools (2013-01-13)
2 discarded wire spools drag race on Aerotech H123 White Lightning motors @ MDRA 01-12-13 [View]

High Power Rocket Trees! (2013-01-13)
MDRA's annual Christmas tree launch! Several J, Ks, and and an L in this bunch - all launched at once. [View]

HPR Level 1 Cert Flight (2012-08-20)
Scratch-built 2.6" dia. rocket @ 2lbs 6oz on an Aerotech H123W Dual-Deploy with motor back-up on the drogueless separation. Successful flight to 2814ft. [View]

Loc EZ-I65 H170M (2014-07-27)
4.2lb EZ-I65 on an Aerotech H170M Metalstorm. MDRA ESL #193 26Jul14 [View]

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