Rocketry Videos

By JDccc26

2 speed High Powered Rocket (2010-01-26)
Loc Magnum on tow F 104 Silver Streaks & a core Kosdon I 500 [View]

Airstart (2010-07-27)
My first real clustered air-start rocket. Built in 1996-97 This was it's second flight [View]

Big Bruiser Rocket on a HP Cluster K & 2 J's (2009-12-17)
Loc Bruiser on a 54mm K motor followed by two 38mm J motors. [View]

High Power EX Sparky Flight test (2011-02-21)
Flight test of a 38mm 3 grain Sparky motor [View]

On board vid of Big Rocket with water landing (2010-12-19)
Video footage from Key chain cam on board a Loc Bruiser EXP on an EX K motor with water landing [View]

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