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AP Soda at MWP9 on sparky N motor (2011-11-05)

Odd rock launched by Jackson and Judy Lubin at Midwest Power 9 on CTI N3400 Skidmark. 5 foot tall rocket. 4 foot tall motor. Sparky. In a recycling container. Renew. Re-use. Recycle. Relaunch!

Ap Soda out the window.avi (2012-02-11)

Lubin's AP Soda, our 100 pound odd rocket, leaves the workshop out the window because its too big to fit out the door. This is footage that we took for the Science Channel production of LDRS. The producers were so excited to hear, in our first interview with them, that the rocket was going out the window. Then, they never used the footage. Oh well, it was fun to do, and it was the only way the rocket was getting to the launch!

UltDS_on_M3700_dv.avi (2011-09-02)

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