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CTI M2250 C-Star Build (2011-12-08)

This documents the build of a 75mm 4-grain CTI M2250 C-Star motor for my Level 3 certification flight. I plan to fly this in my Extreme WildMan at Red Glare XI this weekend. I never built a motor where I had to glue the grains into the sleeve and I learned a few things along the way. It is long and a bit boring, but hopefully informative to someone out there.

Demise of the BDR (2011-05-31)

This is what happens when you try to launch rocket with a 38mm CTI motor and forget to screw it into the metal motor case!

Level 3 Certification: Extreme WildMan on M2250 C-Star (2012-03-05)

This is the video for my Level 3 Certification flight. I flew an Extreme WildMan on a Cesaroni 75 mm 4-Grain M2250 C-Star motor to 13,250' apogee. Max speed was Mach 1.2. The flight took place at the MDRA Red Glare XI on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on November 18, 2001

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