Rocketry Videos

By jocatch

Aerotech Initiator flying on an E16 Motor (2014-11-18)
Aerotech Initiator flying on an E16 Blackjack motor. Lands nice and close. [View]

Estes Dude rocket crashes at takeoff (2014-11-19)
Estes Dude balloon rocket crashes on take-off. It was flying on an D12-3 engine. Apparently sparks from the engine melted holes in the balloon deflating it. The rocket had flown fine before this ... [View]

Estes Goblin Rocket (2014-11-18)
Estes Goblin rocket launch on an D12-7 engine. [View]

Estes Maxi Honest John on a D12-5, almost lands on me (2014-11-18)
Estes Maxi Honest John flying on a D12-3 motor. Comes down real close to where I was video taping. [View]

Estes NikeX Rocket becoming a lawn dart (2014-11-18)
After years of not flying I flew my 1974 Estes NikeX rocket on a B6-4 engine. The shock broke and the rocket became a lawn dart but was not seriously damage and has flew since then. [View]

Estes Scrambler 2 Rocket With Egg (2014-11-18)
Launching of the Estes Scrambler 2 (1970's rocket) with an egg on a D12-3 engine. [View]

Estes Scrambler Egg Launch (2014-11-18)
My 30 year old Estes Scrambler launching a raw egg using 3 B6-4 engines. [View]

Rocket Videos from inside rocket using mini pocket DV camera (2012-07-05)
My first 5 flights attempts using a mini DV camera on Estes rockets. Rockets used were Estes Eliminator on C11-3 and TLP AMRAAM dual engine rocket on C11-3s. I have modified the camera setup and nose ... [View]

Rocket Videos Using Mini DV Camera - Spy Cam (2012-07-11)
Experimenting again with rocket videos. After reviewing these latest videos I got some great ideas to reduce spin during descent. Will post new videos if the ideas work... Rockets in this video ... [View]

Static firing of Aerotech F20-4W rocket engine (2014-11-19)
Static firing of Aerotech F20-4W rocket engine [View]

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