Rocketry Videos

By John Beans

Chute Release Deployment (2015-10-07)
Video of Chute Release doing its thing. You can see that the chute takes a while to inflate, which should always be factored into your setting. Here it is set to release at 200 feet, and Alt ... [View]

Chute Release Ground Test (2015-09-17)
Testing a prototype of the Jolly Logic Chute Release for model rocketry. In this video a 5 foot diameter parachute is partially folded and held by Chute Release. Using the 5-second ground test ... [View]

Chute Release Vacuum Chamber 100ft (2015-09-17)
Testing Jolly Logic Chute Release in Jolly Logic's vacuum chamber. Alongside Chute Release is a Jolly Logic AltimeterOne in realtime mode so that the current altitude is continuously displayed on ... [View]

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