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Location: Connersville, Indiana

Certification Level: L2 NAR

Club Memberships: NAR,ROCI

Favorite Rockets: Aerotech StrongArm


Started into rocketry to due to interest instilled in my daughter by her schools Young Astronaut's Club. Been building and flying for the past year and a half.  Certified Level 1 on a Binder Design Excel 38 after a failed first attempt (failed, but pretty impressive self destruct around 200ft) on a LOC Norad Pro Max.

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Quasar One Nuclear Fusion


I little trouble getting the motors to light, but once we got past that, a beautiful flight. A bit of a long walk. This would have been a great time to use my chute release, but given that E9-6s have a reputation of self destruction and that there were 4 of them, I decided that walking was the way ... [More]


Aerotech Strong Arm


Great flight up and down, except I neglected to use the tether on my chute release. Chute release itself worked great. Fell into some grass, not to be recovered. - Aerotech G53-7 - AMA Muncie, Indiana [More]


LOC Doorknob


Had a hard time lighting the motor. First igniter lit but did not light the motor. Second igniter did not light. Third igniter finally ignited the motor, but it sat on the pad and thought for a while before building up enough pressure to go. Ejection charge went off pretty early, resulting in a ... [More]

Shrox Hyperion clone


Pretty good flight. small zipper, but repairable. Finally got to use the E28T that I have had built for almost a year. Lit without a problem. - E28-7 - AMA Muncie, Indiana [More]


Tube Fin One


Great flight. Wind speed a bit higher than the weather report predicted, resulting in a lot longer drift than expected. Scrubbed a second flight on a different rocket, as wind was blowing everything towards some power lines. Third time that i brought this rocket and prebuilt motor to a launch. ... [More]


Art Applewhite 18mm Delta Smiley saucer


Great flight as demo at Grandview. - Estes C6-0 - Grandview Elementary [More]

Art Applewhite 18mm Hourglass


Flew it on a B6. A couple of demos ago, C6 and wind left it outside school yard fence. - Estes B6-2 - Grandview Elementary [More]

Art Applewhite 24mm Ultra Delta Saucer


Delayed take off, but another crowd pleaser. - Estes D12-0 - Grandview Elementary [More]

New Way N20 Demon


This rocket seems to be a favorite for the kids . Flew great. - Estes C11-3 - Grandview Elementary [More]

FlisKits Thing-a-ma-Jig


Second of 3 rockets with chutes. Flew great - Estes A8-3 - Grandview Elementary [More]

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