Rocketry Videos

By John Rozean

Estes Mongoose model rocket launch (2017-06-20)
The first launch of my Estes Mongoose model rocket ends with a crash. #JROspace [View]

Estimating the height of a model rocket using the Estes Altitrack (2017-02-13) (NEW)
The height of a model rocket can be calculated using the angle of elevation from a know point on the ground. An Estes Altitrack is designed specifically for this. Estes offers up various ... [View]

Mecury Crash 25 Sept 2016 (2016-09-25)
Model Rocket...Mercury Redstone does a nose dive crash. check out [View]

Rocket launch sept 12 2016. Estes Rockets & Math (2016-09-12)
Launch Date: 072612 Sept 2016 Rockets Launched: Amazon High Flyer Yankee Crossfire [View]

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