Rocketry Videos

By joshuawfinn

60% Scale Sky Slash II - classic rocket boost/glider with free plans! (2018-12-27) (NEW)
In recognition of the plane that started it all for me, I present you with free plans for both the full size and 60% scale versions: Kit: ... [View]

Build tutorial for the Sky Slash II rocket boosted glider (2019-01-04) (DELETED)
Flight demo: Free plans for both the full size and 60% scale versions: Kit: http://jhaeros ... [View]

Carbonette 19 Discus Glider (DLG) Rocket Launch! (2018-01-29) (NEW)
The hand launch experience: Glider only: Booster pod: ... [View]

Carbonette 19 DLG/Rocket Glider at HHAEFI 2018 (2018-10-21) (NEW)
Boost glider kit: Glider only: [View]

Fliplock Lite 13mm rocket glider - Build Video (2018-10-01) (NEW)
Flight demo: Buy yours here: [View]

Giant rocket wing! (2018-11-02) (NEW)
Because the little one was so good, we decided to supersize it! [View]

Giant upscale Estes Orbital Transport rocket glider (2018-12-11) (DELETED)
This is not my rocket and frankly I don't know much of anything other than that it's awesome and I want one. Here are a couple of examples of such upscales: ... [View]

Help us name this huge rocket plane! (2018-06-04) (NEW)
Seriously not kidding! Entry deadline is midnight EDT, 13 June 2018; entries from anywhere worldwide will be considered, J&H Aerospace contractors and sponsored pilots are excluded (you know who you ... [View]

Interceptor II rocket glider--wing hinges and release mechanism (2016-11-26) (NEW)
Details on the operation of the Interceptor II which has appeared in a couple of videos. Very lightweight mechanism that allows for excellent flight performance, but it's a bit draggy in launch mode ... [View]

Mini Windlance maximum performance launch (Estes A3-4T on a piston) (2018-08-17)
Sorry for the poor tracking. These are seriously fast and very small. This was a final verification test to determine whether this model will be a viable entry for NARAM 61 in 2019. Indeed, it is ... [View]

My Fastest R/C Airplane EVER: Redshift II Rocket Glider! (2018-07-27) (NEW)
Buy yours here: Flight demo on 2s Lipo: Build video Part 1: Part 1: https ... [View]

One Sheet Glider on a rocket!!! (2018-12-19) (NEW)
Buy it here: Glider instructions: Rocket instructions: ... [View]

Pringles can drag race - redneck rocketry (2018-12-12)
We turned pringles cans into rockets and then drag raced them at GRITS 2018. You can do it too! Here are the 3-D print files: Contact me through jhae ... [View]

Red Shift B/C Composite Rocket Glider (2015-12-22) (NEW)
J&H Aerospace's newest rocket powered design is a 20" span all composite, fully aerobatic model; converts to an electric warmliner in less than 5 minutes. Thermals beautifully with excellent wind ... [View]

Rocket Boosted Glider flight trimming tutorial + stupid mistakes - Sky Slash II (2019-01-09) (NEW)
A *much* better flight: Build tutorial: Free plans for both the full size and 60% scale versions: http ... [View]

Rocket glider design - Boost gliders and Switchblade Swing Wing (2017-08-01) (NEW)
By popular request, here's the run down on how they all work. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the community input on these projects! [View]

Rocket glider prototype catches on fire in flight! (2018-02-05) (NEW)
A really nice progression of what not to do when designing a radical departure from a conventional rocket glider planform. Enjoy, at my expense. ;) Major design updates have already been implemented ... [View]

Rocket Glider trimming tip (2018-06-10) (NEW)
Buy your WINDLANCE here: [View]

Super Lightweight Rocket Glider (2018-09-09)
This is the Fliplock Lite, intended for a 1/4A NAR Rocket Glider national record attempt. We're hoping it will boost about twice this high on a piston launcher. The currect Fliplock design can be ... [View]

Swingshot R/C Rocket Glider - Maiden Flight! (2018-03-07) (DELETED)
Buy yours here: Build video: [View]

Switchblade XP -- Micro R/C Rocket Glider (2015-11-02) (NEW)
Kits for the world's first micro R/C rocket glider are available exclusively from [View]

Switchblade XP R/C Rocket Glider (2015-06-12) (DELETED)
The new Switchblade XP features 2 channel radio control for the ultimate flight experience. No specialized composite fabrication skills required. If you can build a simple model airplane, you can ... [View]

The fabulous exploding shredding failing rocket glider! (2018-09-02)
They can't all be successes. For rocket gliders that DO fly great, check out the lineup at! Update: it flies now! [View]

The NEW Swingshot C swing wing R/C rocket glider! (2019-04-27) (NEW)
All Swingshot Cs sold after 25 April 2019 are rated for full C impulse launches. Buy the new Swingshot C here: [View]

Tiny rocket glider sets national record (2018-12-01)
My 1/8A Switchblade established a new NAR 1/8A national record of 65 seconds at GRITS 2018. This model was made famous by its appearance in a Flite Test video in 2015, although it has appeared in ... [View]

We built a giant rocket glider! (2018-11-26)
Fliplock F established a new NAR F rocket glider national record of 75 seconds on 24 November 2018 at GRITS 2018. It weighs 22 oz at liftoff and flies on Estes F15-4 motors. [View]

Windlance D engine boost/glider rocket demo! (2018-06-30) (NEW)
Buy yours here: Build video: [View]

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