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China Grove from the rocket's point of view (2011-06-27)
Rocket video 12-11-10.wmv (2011-08-30)

Key chain DVR attached to model rocket and launched at Alamo Rocketeers monthy launch in China Grove on December 11th 2010. Launched rocket with an Estes D12-5 motor. Rocket quickly rises through low cloud cover, deploys parachute at apogee then makes its descent through the cloud layer. It narrowly misses power lines before landing next to the highway. Enjoy

Rocket video 12-4-10.wmv (2011-06-27)

First flight of Rocket booster doesn't go as planned. Launched on an Estes C11-7 at Alamo Rocketeers launch on 12-4-10 in China Grove. Delay too long, spits the motor, parachute doesn't fully deploy, and comes in semi-ballistic. Other than that a great flight. Notice the ant at the end seems confused by rocket crashing into its mound. Enjoy

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