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NAR Rocketry (2006-07-17)
This was a friends K-185 Long burn launch..few years ago. Rocket was recovered..after a long search! [View]
k185 and h170 (2010-08-09)
flights at aeronaut 2010 [View]
Onboard fire in the sky day 4 of LDRS 26 (2007-07-23)
An on-board video of my fire in the sky rocket flying on 2 H220's and a K185 at Jean Dry Lake Nevada. [View]
Greg's Applewhite Saucer (2006-06-26)
This is a 18 inch Applewhite Delta Saucer on a K185 motor. [View]
SBR Fusion K185 Mini Midwest Power (2020-05-24)
Fusion on an Aerotech K185 to 6868’ 5-24-20 QCRC [View]