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 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - K375NW Reload for RMS 54/2560 {Motor}

54mm min dia on K375NW (2010-09-20)
54mm minimum diameter. Very short. Scratch built. Hand-built fins. 43" 6.96lbs loaded K375 warp9 to white lightning Aerotech Boost-Sustain 54/2560 17,248 AGL mach 2.24 59Gs [View]
Blue Phenix Sr. on an Aerotech K375NW-P (2011-02-25)
Tony McCrea's Blue Phenix Sr. Custom Blue Tube kit from Always Ready Rocketry with extended booster and tailcone. He bagged his Level 2 certification on the ever popular Aerotech J350 and then ... [View]
The Goblin on a K375 dual thrust (2011-07-06)
My Goblin on a boost-sustain Aerotech K375. This White Lightning motor has a grain of Warp 9 at the nozzle end. The thrust for the first 1/2 second is 300 lb., dropping to about 80 lb. for the rest ... [View]
"Pink Journey" for Breast Cancer Awareness flown on an Aerotech K375NW, Madcow Rocketry DX3 Masive. (2015-10-28)
Pink Journey is a rocket that I built to help bring awareness to breast cancer. It was an idea that came to me when I was finding a way to help raise money for an "It’s the Journey” ... [View]
1/2 Scale Harpoon on AT K375NW (2013-02-06)
30 pound Rocket on an Aerotech K375NW dual thrust motor. Flight to 2750'. [View]
AeroTech RMS-54/2560 Boost-Sustain™ (2009-06-25)
Static test of an AeroTech RMS-54/2560 K375NW-P KEB™ Boost-Sustain™ motor. Uses Warp-9™ and White Lightning™ propellant in a core burning grain geometry. [View]
K375NW in 3 (2015-10-19)
3" Darkstar with a K375NW boost sustain motor. [View]
Kevin M - K375Nw Min dia (2016-09-28)
Kevin McGrath flies his 54mm minimum diameter rocket 'Iron Man' on an AeroTech K375 NW. warp9 to white lightning at XPRS 2016 [View]
Wildman "Mach 2" Rocket - AeroTech K375NW to 21,934’ (2019-08-04)
40Gs of acceleration 21,934' AGL 1255 mph (Mach 1.7) 42" and 13" Ultralight Spherachutes ( MissileWorks T3 GPS and RRC3 Northern Colorado Rocketry, Pawnee National Grasslands [View]
Wildman Jart on AT K375 (2019-04-07)
My 4" Wildman Jart (extended body) flying on an Aerotech K375NW (Dual Thrust) to 9065' AGL. This was flown at the MDRS Red Glare 20 on 7 April 2019. [View]