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High Power Rocket flown in Nevada (2006-12-29)
This is Hy-Po launched in Nevada at the Aero-Pac Mud Rock launch of '05. [View]
High Power Rocket flown in Nevada 2 (2006-12-29)
This is a High Power Rocket (Hy-Po) flown in Nevada. It was flown at Aero-Pac's XPRS in '05. [View]
High Power Two Stage Launch at Mudrock 2011 (2011-07-09)
This is a two stage carbon fiber rocket my brother and I built for Mudrock 2011. It stands 10' 10" tall and was launched on K550 to J415. On board was a small HD camera and a GPS tracker/tr ... [View]
"Golden Eagle" 3" Wildman Dual-Deploy - AeroTech K550 - Fire in the Sky 2014 (2014-07-17)
My "Golden Eagle", a 3" Wildman Dual-Deploy, flies on an AeroTech K550 White Lightning at the Washington Aerospace Club's Fire in the Sky 2014. I had more flights on larger motors planned for this ... [View]
AZRT: Upscaled Scrambler (2014-02-09)
Project Lead: Roy P AZRT launched an upscaled scrambler at A.I.R. Fest19, Argonia KS on 3x K550's. Thanks to Greg for the up close view of the ostrich egg & Kris for the hand held. [View]
LDRS High Power Model Rocketry. My certification 1, 2 and Level 3 attempt (2019-08-07)
1997, Hartsel Colorado. I attended LDRS 16 for my Level 1, 2 and 3 certification attempts. I only got my first 2 certifications before I went to the hospital in Denver Colorado. The rockets that ... [View]
Madcow Level2 High Power Rocket Launch, Aerotech K550W (2016-11-13)
LUNAR Chapter of the National Rocketry Association Snow Ranch Launch, near Farmington CA November 5th, 2016 Rocket: Madcow Level-2, 4-inch All Fiberglass Airframe Loaded Weight: ~12.8 lbs Motor: ... [View]