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"BIG RED" Rocket launches Feb 2012 (2012-02-06)
My 8"x 3.2meter "Big Red" launches on its second flight at the New Zealand Rocketry Association's (NZRA) National Launch Day in Taupiri. (Waikato) Boost was on an Aerotech N2000W motor and was ... [View]
High Powered Rocket Test Flight (2011-05-01)
Successful test flight of Michael Passaretti's L3 rocket 'Aerobi 1' on an Aerotech K700. Flight took place at the first CGN Rocketry, Grass Valley, WA launch of the 2011 season. Reported altitude ... [View]
L3 Test Flight (2010-05-16)
Test flight of my Level 3 rocket on an Aerotech K700 White Lightning motor. [View]
N 2000 Rocket launch (2006-04-19)
a slow motion look at a picture perfect flight with a 5 motor rocket [View]
Big Nuke Apr 09 (2009-04-19)
Onboard video of my LOC Precision Big Nuke 3-E at the UROC ( April launch 2009 on an Aerotech K700 [View]
LOC Saturn V at NSL 2019 on AT K700 W and 2x AT J90W Cluster (2019-06-11)
LOC Precision Saturn V flies to 3,508' at the NAR National Sport Launch hosted by the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) on June 8, 2019. [View]