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Der Red Magg G-76-4G (2012-05-23)

532ft Apogee 81mph Top Speed 1.4s Burn time 14.7g Peak Acceleration 2.8g Avg Acceleration 3.2s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 490ft Ejection Altitude 11mph Descent speed 24.6s Flight Duration

LOC Onyx F-52-5T (2012-05-23)

912ft Apogee 170mph Top Speed 1.1s Burn time 11.4g Peak Acceleration 6.9g Avg Acceleration 5.6s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 821ft Ejection Altitude 18mph Descent speed 36.5s Flight Duration

LOC Onyx G-64-7W (2012-05-23)

1548ft Apogee 230mph Top Speed 1.8s Burn time 13.9g Peak Acceleration 6.0g Avg Acceleration 9.2s Coast to Apogee -0.2s Apogee to Ejection 1509ft Ejection Altitude 19mph Descent speed 62.3s Flight Duration

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